Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Disappointed, To Say the Least

That's how I feel. I was expecting Ron Paul to do much better in New Hampshire, placing at least a decisive third. I mean, it is his libertarian ideals that should have resonated within that state. Their motto, "Live free or die!" is perfectly suited for Ron Paul's message of freedom, peace, and prosperity.

But we must press on, and no matter how poorly he does in any state, I will vote for him because he is the only hope for America. And if America is not ready for a "revolution," then I will not vote in our presidential election because a vote for anyone else is a vote for fascism or communism, both deadly forms of totalitarianism.

For you atheists considering Ron Paul, here is why I like him.

1. He is the champion of the Constitution, our nation's guiding document. Every congressman, senator, governer, and judge is required to take an oath to uphold and obey the Constitution. Only Ron Paul has proven himself to stay true to that oath.

2. He despises government running our lives. That is not what our Founding Father's envisioned for us. When America was born, she was born with the hope that her people would be free, not only from entangling alliances, but from big government. Ron Paul is the only one who can and will reduce the size of the federal government to its constitutional boundaries.

3. Although he is strongly pro-life and pro-marriage, he understands that it is not the federal government's job to legislate morality, but that it is the responsibility of the states to deal with issues like that. With that vision, America will truly reflect the beliefs of the people, rather than the beliefs of the majority.

4. He will not force religion on you. He understands the inherent American freedom that all atheists have, and although he personally disagrees with your beliefs, he will not wield his religion on you, unlike Huckabee or possibly Romney would.

5. His foreign policy of non-interventionism is the only one that will save our nation from the Middle East. He realizes that it is because we agitated a hornet's nest that we got stung, and although the hornet is 100% responsible for stinging us, and therefore guilty, the hornet would not have stung us if we did not bother it.

If you can't vote for a candidate with those policies, that's fine. But my heart is set in stone, and I will see to it that a revolution indeed occurs.

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